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What You Should Know Before You Embark on a Porch Restoration Project

How to Repair an Old Porch

Your porch is subject to insidious forces – from bleaching sun and high humidity to rain and wind-driven snow. If not kept in good shape using water-resistant products and paint, the key elements of it will deteriorate very quickly. If your porch is already in a poor condition and you consider doing the porch restoration work by yourself, read what we, at Decks and Porch Plus Services in Marietta, GA, have to say about these types of jobs, so you know how to proceed.

Our contractors always start the restoration process by documenting everything.

Before beginning any porch restoration work, it is important to document existing spacing and joinery details. Make a sketch that includes all the measurements or take a picture. It will give you clues to proper construction techniques.

You need to fix the foundations first.

A good addition starts with good footings. While porches built in the past are sitting on large stones set deep into the ground or on a masonry structure, contemporary porches need to have footers of poured concrete. Be sure that the footers are strong enough to support the structure and all its elements. Building code requires it.

Do not forget that porches have framing, posts, floors, railings, and decorative elements.

The framing is the next area that you should consider fixing. It is prone to rot damage, which is why you should often replace the supporting beams if you have similar problems. You can also double the existing structure. It is all up to your skills and budgeting.

Next in line are the corners, posts, columns, and flooring. Those are not so hard to repair if you have the tools, materials, and a bit of skill. Local stores offer a plethora of wood products to help you recreate the original design or support the current structure without compromising on its aesthetics. You can choose from various lumber options, including cherry, oak, and more. But to make sure that the porch restoration work done will last, you have to invest in a good sealant and paint for waterproofing.

If you found these tips helpful and would like to find out more about how to repair things around your home by yourself, keep reading this website. Call (770) 560-1776 if you have any questions or suggestions!

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